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Monday, 8 September 2008

Strobist Gear

After reading (a fantastic source of info/inspiration for all things to do with off-camera flash), I was inspired to create some light modifiers.

The easiest to create are snoots/grids, so that's what I did. By a lucky coincidence, the easiest framework in which to create these bits of kit happen to be empty pringles tubes, so for the sake of research, I found myself having to consume two tubes. :-)

A full size tube was used as a Snoot, and a small tube, with the addition of some black drinking straws, for a Grid.

So, first have a look at a reference image (i.e. a pic of my wall) with the bare flash, with apologies for commiting the sin of using the flash on the hotshoe...

Wall - plain flash

Nothing very interesting about it, but it shows the wide coverage of the flash without modifiers.

Next, the same shot, but with the Snoot added:

Wall - pringles

Notice the much tighter light pattern - the exposure of the candle is unchanged (and thankfully, has picked up no colour cast, as far as I can see). This is all about controlling spill onto the background.

Finally - with the Grid:

Wall - gridded pringles

This is a FAR tighter beam, with far more defined edges and no spill. This was shot from about 6 feet from the wall (the candle stick is about 12" from top to bottom, so the beam is pretty much 1 foot @ 6 feet distance).

Great stuff - now if I could only find the off camera cord, I could try this without the horrid shadows....

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